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Wacom Volito Graphic Tablet

Wacom Volito Graphic Tablet

Wacom Volito Graphic Tablet
Site: Wacom Europe
Price: £39.99 at time of writing
Date: June 2003
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Uses: Allows you to have greater control and the ability to write / sign documents.

Wacom Volito Graphic Tablet

Wacom are one of the leading names in graphic tablets and related inputting devices.
They have a range of products to cater for both the light home / office user right up to the level of architects and designing.

Graphic Tablets are often thought of as an expensive tool that is used to primarily aid with graphics and drawings. Whilst it's true they can be expensive, most companies offer a lower priced model to appeal to the amateur or beginner.

Volito Logo
Wacom Volito Graphics Tablet


  • Active tablet area: 127 x 92.8mm (A6)
  • Dimensions: 224.1 x 221 x 22.3mm (w x d x h)
  • One-button stylus, two-button mouse
  • 512 Pressure levels: 512
  • USB Connection
  • Software included: Arcsoft Photoimpression, Arcsoft Funhouse, Painter Classic, Justwrite Office 3.1i, Whiplash, Penrlow demo


  • Greater control
  • Easier to hold especially for long periods when compared to a mouse.
  • Less restrictions reduces RSI impact

Boxed Wacom VolitoBoxed Wacom Volito

What you get:

  • 1 x tablet unit
  • 1 x stylus
  • 1 x cordless two-buttoned mouse

The packaging is quite eye-catching and is moulded specially for the unit, the unit was quite hard to open as the moulded packaging was crimped all the way round and there was no easy way inside.

Once inside you find the stylus clipped into the lid of the packaging and then the tablet in the centre of the box, to the left of the tablet lays the cordless mouse and the cd's and instructions lie underneath the tablet part of the packaging.

The Unit:

Graphics TabletWacom Volito StylusWacom Volito Wireless Mouse

The unit looks good in its black colour, with matching stylus and mouse.


Connecting the tablet was simple, the tablet comes with a lead with a USB connector, I installed it on a XP machine, which detected and installed the tablet within 10 secs. Instantly I was able to navigate around the screen using the stylus or using the mouse.


You get a fair amount of software with this unit, although as mentioned above you dont need it to use directly as you can be up and running in little to no time because of plug and play / XP.

Volito Software

Tablet Setup - Configure the layout and feel of the stylus / tablet.

Volito Software

Justwrite office software - Allows you to write directly into a Word document.

Volito Software

Penflow - allows for signatures to authenticated, and inserted into documents.

Penflow software

ArcSoft PhotoImpression 4 - comprehensive photo editing / manipulation package.
Corel Painter Classic - need some painting doing but with more features than MSPaint, you do then use this.
Whiplash Game - Game to ehlp you get used to using the stylus.

Wacom Whiplash Game


I have used a tablet before some time ago and they can take a short time to get used to.
The stylus is about the same weight as a standard pen. It is comfortable to hold there is a button, which allows you to programme a desired function, this can be reached easily by either your thumb or finger depending how you hold your pens.

Within 10-15 mins of using the stylus to navigate and open files etc I was starting to get more comfortable with it, and it helps that if you what to go to the top left of your screen you can just move the stylus over the top left of place it on it and the pointer will jump to it.
To double click you can simply press down twice for the file or folder to open, I was still using the device without changing any defaults without problems.

If you cant get on with the stylus straight away you can always start using the mouse. Or enter the tablet program and change the setting from pen to mouse.

Program Settings

The mouse is again identical to a standard two-buttoned mouse but it is cordless but can only be used on the tablet surface.

If you work with graphics or edit your digital photos you will find this product of great benefit. The ability to control the image or document easier with the stylus allows you to have complete control over what you are doing and can make shading and touching up images a lot easier.
You can also use the devices pressure sensitive features to help with adding tones and line thickness to your documents.


Well what can I say I think Wacom have put together a good package, which gives you the features and advantages of uing a tablet and stylus rather than just a mouse. The package gives you wireless mouse and programmable stylus all for a very low price of £40. Usually tablets of a similar type start at the £60-£75 mark. Wacoms Graphire Talet is around the £75 mark and can be looked at here [click here]

How the Graphire / volito works [Click Here]

Nice product and price wise makes it very appealing, easy to use.