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USB Key Drive

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USB Key Drive

USB Key Drive
Price: depends on size - 32MB = $35/£22 - 64MB = $55/£35
Site: www.usbkeydrive.com
Uses: allows you to store / remove / transport small files

As you may of seen on other pages of this site there are reviews of similar products to this, the Pen Drive etc. Well they are all based around the same 'product' and comprise of compact flash memory (also used with digital cameras) they all connect via the USB interface and offer quick and easy retrival and storage of data.

Drive That Easily fits In The Hand

This unit is a lot slimerr over the PenDrive, as it doesnt have the plastic body which may make the unit look better to some users it can also prove to be a hendarance when trying to connect in a confined place. Hence the reason why we would recomend using the Pen Drive with a extension lead or paying extra for a docking station.

The KeyDrive unit measures a shade over 2.5 inches in lengh the thickness of the unit is a tiny 1/3 of an inch this makes the unit slgihtly smaller overall of the pendrive version. As the unit is slimmer it allows easier connection when trying to connect to the back of your system.

Drive On KeyringDrive Connected To Laptop

You can get the drives in various capacities ranging between 32MB - 256MB

The main advantage and selling point of this device has got to be no more copying stuff to floppy, thats if you can get stuff to fit on a floopy in the first place, then the speed if you use USB for other things you will know the benifits in speed and the lack of speed when reading data from a floppy.

Red USB Key DriveBlue USB Key DriveGreen USB Key Drive

It is quick and easy if your using Win 2k,ME,XP you can simply connect it to your USB port, within a second or two it has been detected and installed and you will see a icon similar to the below shot in your my computer screen. You can also use the device with Macs with OS9 / OS X, a driver is only needed when running Win 98 once it has been installed thats it you can quickly connect transfer and remove fast and easily. To give a rough guide a 50MB file takes just under a minute to transfer which is very reasonable especially when you think that the average file you will most likely store on here is small so it will be morealess instant transfer.

Removable Disk Icon

The new, driverless USBDrive requires no software or drivers to operate. Because it utilizes the USB Mass Storage Compliance, the new device is simply plug-and-play on Windows XP, Me, 2000, Mac OS 9-10X and Linux 2.4.17. The new device will also operate on Win98SE, but because this OS does not fully support the USB Mass Storage compliance, the one-time installation of a driver is required.


You cant complain for the price this as great value, it is cheaper than the pen drive and other rivals but you wont get a graphical cd, extension lead, or a big box. But you dont need it unless you of course want to pay the extra, the box this comes in is only slightly bigger than the unit iself comes with simple instructions, but you dont really need any its very easy to operate. If you need a Win 98 driver it is avaliable on the site and is under 30KB.

Sandra Benchmark:

Sandra Benchmark

Simply if you are looking for a deivce to move / store documents this will be perfect, if you want to pay a bit more for a box and a few nice extras such as a business card cdr then go to pendrive if your happy enough to just have the unit then go for this.