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Trust 4 Port Compact USB 2.0 Hub

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Trust 4 Port Compact USB 2.0 Hub

Trust 4 Port Compact USB 2.0 Hub
Price: £22 inc VAT (komplett quoted)
Site: www.trust.com for information & dealers
Uses: Allows you to connect multiple devices to 1 USB port
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Trust 4 Port Compact USB 2.0 Hub

If it wasn't for hubs where would we be?

Limited is where we would be. Hubs are a common site when you think about networking usb hubs have been around but can often vary in size and this makes the prices sometimes seem expensive.

There is no doubt that a hub is a essential tool and I know I get plenty of use out of my hub. I personally have one connected via a extension lead from the rear of my system it then sits underneath my monitor and allows me to easily connect my usb drive and camera devices as and when I use them.

They are very practical and useful especially if you are using a older machine which may only have one USB port or for use with Laptops as these often come with only one port.

Hubs usually come in two flavours, either powered externally or as with this one it draw the power from the system via the port. This can mean lower battery life and a slight loss in system performance but this is negilable and I would suggest using it via a usb mouse to use on a laptop for example. Use for long periods with only desktop and main machines.

Trust Hub Contents


Very compact
No need for external power supply
Built-in over current protection
Included carry bag

Side View Of Trust Hub

This device is very small! It connects to a normal USB port it then allows you to connect up to four additional devices to it. Only if you have a USB 2.0 port can you get USB 2.0 speeds with this device.

Top View Of Hub

Well what more can we say its a HUB!!! Its a well designed compact hub that is external and is ideal for both desktops and laptops. The included cable provides plenty of room to have the hub on the desk whilst connecting to the back of the PC.

It looks good and is very light and compact, another thing i like about trust products is they also include a small 'pouch' or bag which if nothnig else helps keep the hub and cable in one place and if useful for those on the move people.

This hub is USB 2.0 standard which means that you if you have USB 2.0 ports and devices you can use this to its maximum potential. This newer standard will let you connect / transfer at much faster speeds, for more information [Click here].

Price Wise:

If you look at the online stores you will see many different prices for hubs USB 2.0 hubs vary in price this hub is just over £20 and for this you get a great product but in most case at least half of the size of its rivals.