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Trust 632AV LCD Power Video Digital Camera

Trust 632AV LCD Power Video Digital Camera

Trust 632AV LCD Power Video Digital Camera
Price: £130 RRP - avalaible for £100 at time of writing
Date: Feb 2003
Site: www.trust.com for information & dealers
Uses: 2.0 Mpixel and video camera and more in one unit.
Links: Trust

Ok lets be honest I didnt really know much about Trust I had seen a few products around and not thought much about them. BUT this has changed. A quick look on their site shows that they have products over serveral aeras and offer good products at very low prices.

Trust 632AV

What you get:

1 x camera (8MB Built-In, 32MB C.Flash Inc)
1 x small tripod
1 x driver & application CD & manual
1 x USB cable, 1 x video cable
1 x bag / pouch & 2 x AA battreys


- Digital video camera to record videos with audio for internet and e-mail use
- 3.5 cm colour LCD display for live viewfinder, review of videos and pictures and menu functions
- 4 in 1 functionallity: digital video with audio camera, photo camera, audio recorder and webcam
- 8MB internal memory and extra 32MB Compact Flash memory card included
- Unlimited time of video, audio and number of pictures due to expandable CF memory
- 7.5 minutes of video recording time with supplied 32MB CFlash external memory
- Digital photo camera with high 2 Megapixel Camera resolution

First impressions of this was how small the box was, upon opening the box there was the camera, tripod, and cd & manual, the size of the camera made me think that this camera was likely to be a poor performer. Oh how i was wrong this camera has alot to offer.

I have to admit after a few minutes of using this camera mypreception of this camera had changed completly and the foldable LCD screen added to the 'novelty' effect.

Before i go any further lets make it clear this is designed to incorporate short videos, images, and sound recording in one unit and it does a great job remeber this is for £100ish. If you want dedicated video or high spec digital pictures then go and look at cameras at £250 odd+.

Trust 632AV with LCD OpenTrust 632AV

The camera has 3 settings for digital pictures, Low 640 x 480 | Normal 1280 x 1024 & Maximum 1600 x 1200 - this offers plenty of scope for users and allows you to store hundreds of images on the camera with the supplied 32MB Compact Flash card. This camera doesnt come with a zoom option so images cant be enhanced in that way, there is a feature which uses 'macro' which is basically used for close up picture taking as it allows the picture up close to become clearer.

The camera is simple to operate, to turn it on/off you simply hold down the menu button for 5 secs, then you can use the menu button to move up and down through the menu options then confirm using the same button. To take a picture you can either use the normal viewfinder or switch on the LCD screen and use that instead, then to take the shot simply press down the button on top of the unit, that it. To review the images simply select the menu then the second option and confirm so 4 clicks and your looking at your 'masterpiece'.

Front View Of Camera

The only thing this camera doesnt have is a Flash. As a result this performs very badly in poor light in day light etc this camera performs very well but i guess the size of the unit couldnt allow for a flash.

The video feature has got to be a main reason for having this camera in my opinion it is perfect for recording small clips for use in email and it can also be used as a webcam if so disired. With the built in and C.Flash memory you can hold up to 7mins of video which is a fair bit, plenty of time to email over a greeting email to a family member or friend.

Side View With Compact Flash Card
LCD Screen

The only downside on the video front is that it isnt a expensive £300+ dedicated video camera which come with image stabilizers etc. This camera if moved quickly will produce poor quality results, with a bit of care and slower movements the camera performs very well. The small (15cm) tripod allows the camera to be setup for webcam and filming use and allows you to angle the camera at a fixed angle.

The battrey life on this was again very good, digital cameras are well known for being high-drain devices and this with the LCD screen etc is no exception, however the battreys lasted well i dont know exactly but serveral videos and images were taken before the warning image appered on the screen this allows plenty of time to finsih using the camera before the power is gone.

Trust 632AV

As with all digital camera usage i would suggest having 2 sets of re-chargable battreys and usng a 2 hour charger to keep any waiting time to a minimum.

To play back and review your 'masterpiece' you can either use the convential way of viewing them on the camera itself or using the supplied video cable if you connect it to a scart lead connector you can view it on your TV. to view the 'channel' it uses the same as your video / dvd channel or AV option.

The main thing i like about digital cameras has got to be the ability to click away and not worry about wasting film you can store more images than normal cameras and the limit is limited only by the C.Flash cards which are easily upgradeable.

This camera is no exception as it is USB you simply connect the lead to the camera the PC. The PC should detect it as a new device and within a few seconds depending on your O/S you will either have the option to view the files or you will need to look in My Computer to see a removable drive icon a few clicks later and you can instantly view your images and videos.

This allows you to access images and copy to the PC if needed so that you can empty the card and save them to review / edit later.

The Software:

Hardly any software is needed for this camera, to use the camera you can happily snap away and view pictures / video on your PC or TV, included on the Cd are the following:

Ulead PhotoExplorer 7SE

Video LiveMail 4

Ulead DVD Movie Factory

Netmeeting (version bundled with windows)


This camera is ideal for the webuser and camera user, the only thing i would of liked included and would make this camera alot better would be a flash. In poor light the results can be fairly hit and miss. A zoom would of been nice but you have to remeber that this is only a £100!!! and it can take short clips at a decent lengh and quality as well as voice recorder and digital camera. For £100 i dont think you will find better, especailly with a 2 year warranty.