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Trust Powercam DC-4200 Digital Camera

Trust Powercam DC-4200 Digital Camera

Trust Powercam DC-4200 Digital Camera
Site: Trust
Price: £99 RRP Available from many retailers
Date: December 2004
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Trust Powercam DC-4200 Camera

What you get:

Trust Powercam DC-4200 ContentsTrust Powercam DC-4200 Contents

  • Camera
  • USB Cable
  • Video Cable
  • Batteries (2x AA Duracell Ultra)
  • Carry Pouch
  • Hand Strap
  • CD-ROM with drivers, software and user manual
  • Multi language user manual


  • Compact digital camera with 4 Mega pixel (2304 x 1728) sensor resolutions and 6 Mega pixel (2848 x 2048) enhanced camera resolution
  • Highly sensitive CCD optical sensor with advanced lens (F 2.9/8.0, f= 5.1 mm)
  • 13.5 MB internal memory, expandable up to 512 MB with optional SD memory card or up to 128 MB with optional MMC memory card
  • 10 step, 4x digital zoom
  • Up to 55 pictures (1600 x 1200) or 70 seconds of video with audio when using built-in 13,5 MB memory
  • Macro function to take sharp pictures from 20 cm distance
  • Built-in automatic flashlight with on/off/auto/red eye reduction/slow sync function
  • Video recording 320 x 240 (QVGA) at 18 fps
  • Integrated microphone for audio and video with sound recording
  • 4 attractive games integrated in camera to play on LCD screen
  • Manual exposure control and white balance control for daylight, cloudy, fluorescent, tungsten, sunset, custom and automatic
  • 2 or 10 seconds self timer, with possibility to take 2 pictures in quick succession
  • Dimensions (HxWxD in mm): 53x105x39

The Unit:

Rear Of Unit

I know it has been said before but the size of this camera was very surprising as it is smaller than most others I have seen on the market. It literally does fit in the palm of your hand as is extremely compact.

Front of the camera:

Front Of Unit

A sleek and clean layout, which is fairly standard with the viewfinder in the top right with the flash bulb next to it. Below is the Lens which is where they use a Panasonic CCD optical sensor (F2.9/8.0, f=5.1mm). The lens is fixed and is not optical like some of the cameras on the market. Instead a digital zoom is included which means that the camera software itself allows you to zoom rather than the physical lens of the camera.

Top of the camera:

Top View Of Camera

The top of the camera is fairly sparse with just buttons for taking the photos and the power button for the unit.

Underside of the camera:

Underside View Of Camera

Underneath the camera is a thread hole to attach to a tripod, the CE marks and product information and serial number.

Sides of the camera:

Side View Of Camera

On the right hand side there is a silver coloured fixing for the wrist strap to be threaded, and a battery cover which also conceals the memory card slot. On the left hand side there is a macro slider switch and beneath a rubberised flap there are connectors for USB, Video Out, and DC Power connections.

Rear of the camera:

Rear View Of Camera

On the back of the camera again is a fairly standard layout. On the left is the small TFT screen which allows you to view the photo subject easier than using the viewfinder or alternatively to playback the images or videos.

Side View Of Camera

Above the TFT screen is the viewfinder and to the right is where you have the phone menus which can be selected by using a scroll wheel which allows you to select the desired mode. Underneath that option is a dial which allows you to select the options and in the centre is an 'ok' button to confirm the selection.

Directly underneath the scroll wheel are three small buttons which select/deselect the LCD screen, allow playback of thumbnails, and a quick access button to record voice memos.

Using the camera:

Operating the camera is very straight forward. It is defiantly point and shoots as within a press of a button and selecting the correct mode you are ready to shoot.

Two Duracell Alkaline batteries come with the unit and as you have 12.5MB of built-in memory you can be ready to go in a couple of minutes.

Sdie View With Battrey Cover Open

To turn the camera on/off you use the small button on top of the unit, you can then use your thumb or finger to select the desired mode. Once in your chosen mode you can use the buttons to the right to enter the menu options or use the buttons to easily select different flash modes.

Navigating through the menus is straight forward you choose Menu then using the self timer and flash buttons you can scroll through the options before again confirming using the Menu/Ok button.

Camera Menu Setup Screen

This camera comes with several preset modes such as 'Night Mode' which although is nothing new in the world of digital cameras, what I like about it is that it is quickly accessible via the wheel mode button. This will obviously depend on the user but if you are taking shots in darker conditions then this accessibility allows time to be saved so that potential opportunities are not missed.

Camera Menu Setup Screen

With digital cameras everyone talks about Mega pixels, and whilst this is important most people would be unable to notice the difference in quality between say a photo taken by a 3.2 M.Pixel or a 4.0 M.Pixel camera.

Camera Setup Screen

For taking every day snaps I would suggest at today's prices you look for 3.2 Mega pixel and upwards, of course other factors such as brand and budget may also feature in your decision making choices.

Essentially how it works is the higher the pixels, equals the more pixels (dots) which make up the image. This Trust Camera operating at 3.2M.Pixel allows for images of 2848 x 2048 resolutions to be obtained.


For the price this camera does include many features and is a compact and affordable unit. However I felt that the LCD display was hard to view in day conditions when the sun was not especially bright. And one thing I noticed after some time was a photo which was deleted still shows up briefly on the display when selecting playback mode.

Other than that the camera performs well and the picture quality is very good.

A couple of things I would like to see in future versions would be to have a brighter LCD screen as in bright light it can be hard to view.