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Standalone Printers, no need for a PC Print Directly from your camera / memory card

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Use Standalone Printers, Or Online firms to post your prints printed directly to your home or place of work.

Inkjet Laser Standalone Online What to consider Resolution Printer Inks Printing Speeds Photo Paper Connections

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Standalone Printers

Ideal for those who wish to have a dedicated photo printer, and the ability to be used without a PC makes them easily accessible to those put off printing pictures as it used to involve a PC. Of course they can also be connected to a PC.

Standalone Photo Printer Standalone Photo Printer

These normally include both a memory card reader and a LCD screen to view images. Some include features to allow resizing and minor adjustments to improve the image prior to printing.

Online Photo Printers

Printing your digital images means you either need to print them yourself which is fine. Although it can be time consuming if you do not have any software to help you resize the images to a standard format.

You could take your images to the high street, some print same day whilst others email them away and they are posted back to the store for you to collect. Either way this method is costly and is one reason why more people are using the online companies to reproduce their images. These companies often only charge 10p per image depending on the size of the image. Your prints will be sent to you, so you don't need to worry about the amount of your ink or paper. They will be sent professionally printed onto quality photo paper in hard backed packaging.

Points to consider

When choosing a printer you should not only take the price as the main factor, but look at the cost of buying replacement cartridges and any papers. If applicable try to estimate how much printing you are likely to require this The ongoing consumable costs is where the makers make most of their money and often take a loss on the main units themselves to compete with the competitive market.

It isn't unusual to see printers for sale for under £30 this may seem a good deal, but often the replacements inks will cost the same or more than the cost of the unit.

Borderless printing is worth having. With it you will not need to manually cut round the image.

Would an LCD screen, and card reader be of use? Ideal for those less PC savvy.

The Size (Footprint) the amount of space the printer takes up is also worth thinking about as the larger models and all-in-ones may not fit on your existing desk. Also remember to take into account additional room for trays and paper feeders.



Printer Resolution is measured in dots per inch (DPI) which is standard for all printer formats. DPI is the number of individual dots a printer can print next to each other on a line one inch long. The resolution is just one of the factors that determines how good a printers output is, the only real way to check is to visit stores and view test prints so your eye can see what the quality is like.

Inkjet Laser Standalone Online What to consider Resolution Printer Inks Printing Speeds Photo Paper Connections

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