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PC Memory (RAM) Computer memory type information, help buy the correct type.

Why not speed up your computer by adding more memory, make sure you buy the correct memory, DDR4 has just been released

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Laptop/Notebook/Netbook Memory
What is Dual-Channel Memory?
Installing Computer Memory Guide

SDRAM Memory (168-pin DIMMS). This standard was introduced in the late 1990's originally available with a bus speed of 66Mhz. This then developed into 100Mhz, and 133Mhz speeds.

SDRAM 168 pin DIMM Memory

This type of memory replaced the EDO SIMM standard. 168-pin DIMMS were the first standard whereby modules could be installed singly.

Compatible motherboards were fixed to one of the three bus speeds, but allowed you to use 133Mhz memory in a system with other modules of 100Mhz but obviously the 133Mhz module could only work at the limit of 100Mhz defined by the motherboards chipset.

RDRAM Memory (184-pin RIMMS) This type of memory was originally the only standard supported by Intel Pentium 4 motherboards.


Concerns from other vendors that Intel and the memory maker Rambus could control the memory market, lead to DDR Memory being introduced. This forced Intel to abandon exclusive support of RDRAM and lead to DDR/DDR2 support.

EDO 72-Pin SIMMS Memory

This is older type of memory which needs to be used in pairs of the same rated memory eg 2 x 8,16,32,64,128 modules. It can be quite expensive to purchase compared to the now more mass produce newer lines.

Looking for Memory for your Notebook or Laptop?

Laptop/Notebook/Netbook Memory
What is Dual-Channel Memory?
Installing Computer Memory Guide
What is the significance of the RAM speed?

Unsure what type of memory you need? Use the Memory Advisor Tool [here] Or lookup the type of memory your Motherboard uses in your manual.

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