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Linksys Instant USB Disk 128MB

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USB Memory Stick from Linksys

Linksys Instant USB Disk 128MB
Site: linksys.com for information
Price: £85 RRP at time of writing
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Uses: Enables you to store data quickly and easily, ideal for people on the move.

Linksys Instant USB Disk

USB drives have been around for a while now, and are getting more popular now that the price has become more affordable.

Even DELL have started to ship there own branded version instead of bundling a floppy drive with their systems, the main reason for this is the floppy is almost dead and it is cheaper to produce the flash memory than the floppy drives.

They are all basically the same they use normally a compact flash memory card with a USB connector on the end, we have used two other versions in the past which were PenDrive and USBKeydrive .

They offer a quick and easy way to transport data quickly and easily between PC's or to use as a storage medium.

Linksys Instant USB Disk Boxed
Linksys Instant USB Disk Boxed

What you get:

1 x Instant USB Disk
1 x extension cable
1 x driver cd (needed for Win98se only)
1 x neck strap
1 x quick install guide and registration card

Contents of Linksys Instant USB Stick
Contents of Linksys Instant USB Stick


USB 1.1
128MB Capacity
Data Transfer Read Up to 800KBps
Data Transfer Write Up to 500KBps
Led activity light
USB bus-Powered
Dimensions (W x H x D) 101.6 mm x 19.1 mm x 28.6mm
1 Yr Limited Warranty

My first impression of this disk was that it looked good and defiantly more stylish when compared to some other devices on the market. The silver colour looks good although I suspect with time the plastic paint job may start to look a bit worn.

View Of Unit
View Of Unit

The black and silver colours compliment each other very well and the result is a very good looking piece of kit. The housing of the unit is all curved and fits well into your hand.

The drive is slightly longer than others but this isn't a problem, the unit is very light and fits easily into a pocket without any noticeable weight or bulkiness.

Above View Of Unit
View Of Unit

The LED which shows when in active but it hardly shows on one side the '128MB' text obscures the LED and the other side it is bearly noticeable.

I have been using a similar product for nearly a year and I use it everyday to store data transfer data between systems. It has proved invaluable on several occasions, and has easily paid for itself in time saved and ease of use.
As a result of my 'milage' of a similar product I was keen to use this version.

Installing the drive was again doddle the great thing about these devices is all you have to do is connect them to a USB port then the O/S should detect it.

You can then simply go into 'my computer' and a Removable drive icon will appear you can then simply use this as you would with a normal drive and copy paste files.

The first thing i noticed about this drive is that the capacity is exact with other drives i have used, the capacity instead of being 64MB was actually 61.2MB or something.

The 128 MB capacity is double the size i have been using in the past and it is worth considering in my opinion 64MB as a bare minimum as depending on your usage you will no doubt keep copies of setup zip's on the drive as well as copies of documents and presentations. I have used it to carry all data including digital pictures & mp3s instead of wasting time having to wait for them to download from a email and for also taking in the 'essential' video clips to email to people in your workplace. : )


Its not the easiest thing to test, but to give some relation to everyday use i decided to copy a 122MB video clip to the device and time it, the results are shown below.

1st : 2.45 2nd: 2.43 3rd: 2.46

Sandra Benchmark:

Instant Disk Benchmark

Now when i did this i left about 4 or 5 applications open and i did leave about 20mins between tests, during this time i was doing various things and decided to give it a 'break' to also try and ensure the memory wasn't storing details.

122MB in under 3 mins is a good result in my opinion, oviously this is only USB 1.1 & depending on your system it could take longer to copy a 122MB from a CD to the PC in the same time frame, but the time frame is good and makes this a great ESSENTIAL product.

I hope that the prices of these continue to fall, and that they introduce a USB 2.0 standard into them as this would allow greater capacity and portablility at a great speed.