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Laptop and Notebook(RAM) Computer memory upgrade information, help buy the correct type.

Why not speedup your laptop computer by adding more memory, make sure you buy the correct memory.

Adding more memory to your computer desktop or laptop is the easiest and normally cheapest upgrade you can make for your Laptop or Notebook. Upgrading options are far more limiting than compared to a standard desktop machine, mainly because it is so hard to get inside and remove parts without taking out the motherboard and all of the connected casing.

Laptop 200-Pin SODIMM Memory

Check you have space or what slots you have free

When you checking inside you laptop and remove the memory cover you will see there is normally two spaces one normally at least in use possibly both might be used. So you can add another module in the space or consider replacign both for larger memory so you have double or more memory.

Laptop Memory is smaller size than the normal type used in PCs and Macs. And the design and connector/notch is different so just remeber when looking for upgrades you will need a SO-DIMM (small outline dual in-line memory), and are 200-pin and not 240-pin which are for larger desktop motherboards.

Laptop memory comes in the same standards so DDR4 is the current with older versions DDR3, DDR2, or DDR, and for older still SDRAM format SO-DIMM for older they are usually called SODIMM which stands for small outline dual in-line memory module.

The 200-pin SO-DIMM if the notch is located further outward, it indicates the DDR class of memory. When the notch is located towards the centre of the board, it indicates DDR2. These two types of memory are not interchangeable and thus have slightly different notch locations that prevent cross installation.

Again just like the full size modules you can install faster speed DDR/DDR2 memory into your system if your motherboard supports the type and likewise it will run at the lower speed if used with a slower module.

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