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How to Turn off Narrator in Windows 10

Help my PC is talking every action to me using Windows Narrator

Windows Narrator is an accessability feature of Windows which will read text and your computer screen actions aloud. There are a couple of ways listed online which say how to switch it off, but I found a quicker and easier route. I have tested this many times, and I have recieved a help call "my PC is talking to me, I can't see how to switch it off".

This is often enabled in error when users start using Microsoft Teams for the first time and they try and setup some settings or accept some suggestions... then the next thing they know, their computer is talking to them!

So just to explain a little more about Narrator and then we will detail the process to enable or disable. Narrator is a accessability program which can read text alouf, and can announce notifications as they happen on your computer. This is very useful for people who require additional help in using a computer or perhaps use screenreaders and other tools.

Narrator can be turned on with a keyboard shortcut which is Windows, Control and Enter Keys at the same time (Win+CTRL+Enter). The Windows Narrator dialog box will then appear and I beleive this is the common way it is turned on by mistake, and the user just presses OK without reading the notice.

Turn it off quickly:

If narrator is on and is talking to you, then MY tip and something I have not seen listed anywhere else:

1) Go to the system tray and locate the Narrator icon, often this could be hiding, simply right click on it and 'turn off Narrator' - SIMPLE! :)

2) Or (Win+CTRL+Enter) at the same time and it will automatically turn off.

Other usual ways of turning it off are:

3) Or (Win+CTRL+Enter) at the same time and choose to 'Turn off Narrator' or 'Turn on Narrator' if the dialog shows.

4) On older Windows you might need to press Windows logo key + Enter instead.

5) On the sign-in screen press the Ease of access button on the bottom right corner and turn the option 'Use Narrator'

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