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Links to Glossary Pages

Here we have collected the various terms and abbrevations used in many different subject areas into one place to make looking up what something means easier.

Bluetooth Glossary - Bluetooth is a standard that allows mobile phones, headsets, and other devices to be linked together to share or transfer information. View some of the terminology used within Bluetooth.

Digital Cameras - Just about everyone now has a camera and is benefiting from being able to review images without film and saving on printing costs. Here we detail common words and phases used in relation to a Digital camera.

DVD Glossary - How DVD has changed the way we watch films and store data. Now 4.7 GB or nearly 9GB can be stored on a single disk. Here we list terms used which will shortly include the emerging Blu Ray and HD DVD standards.

Hardware/PC Glossary - Here we include some of the most widely used computer and hardware terms.

Networking Glossary - Unsure what something means relating to a network? Then check the meaning here and if you think we should add a term please get in touch with us.

RAID Glossary - RAID is widely used within servers to ensure high speed and reliability as you can mirror drives. Find related terms and abbreviations on these pages.

Wireless Networking - Many people are now embracing the simplicity and benefits of wireless networks, but how many know the terms and meanings used? Well now you can backup your knowledge by checking or testing the true meaning of the terminology.