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FrontX - Front Panel Computer Ports

FrontX - Front Panel Computer Ports

FrontX - Front Panel Computer Ports
Requirements: 1 free 5.25" drive-bay and PCI/ISA opening.
Price: £18 - custom versions avaliable at different prices.
Site: www.frontx.com for information & to buy.
Uses: Enables you to connect devices via the front of your PC case.

FRONTX (Front X-tension) is a new product invented to relocate and transfer computer ports to the front of your PC system. The device is so versatile, you can even configure your own ports selection.

Front X Contents


Product Name: - FrontX

Function: - Xtend computer ports to the front

Installation Requirements: - 1 free 5.25" drive-bay and PCI/ISA opening

Driver: No driver required

CPX088 FrontX Casing:
Contains 1 large and 3 small port holding bays
Can hold a maximum of 8 computer ports
Includes a Metal Plate and 4 pieces of M3 screw

CPX100 Multimeida Ports:
This package includes Casing, Headphone, Microphone, Audio-In and Game ports

Port Configuration:
Option 1 - purchase one CPX100 FRONTX Multimedia Ports plus additional ports to add onto it
Option 2 - purchase one CPX088 FRONTX Casing plus the ports of your choice

Side View with section lifted
Unit Installed View

This device is very well thought out and put together it's a simple enough idea, which allows you to connect devices without having to fumble or move to get to the back of your system.

Side ViewAbove View

The FrontX Casing has 4 port holding bays, which are divided as 1 large bay and 3 small bays on 2 rows. The FrontX Port is simply an extension cable fitted onto a custom designed port holder, which can be slotted into the port holding bay.

This allows you to have a maximum of 8 connectors slotted into the FrontX you can customise the device to your exact requirements and purchase additional connectors such as Firewire / USB connectors to make this fully customised to your system.

The system is fully USB 2.0 compatableas it is simply extending your system options what ever they might be to ports in the drive bay of your system.

The plastic used is the 'standard' blanking plate etc plasticused in PC's and if needed allows you to spray easily onto the device to make it black for example to fit in with your modded system.

The product is fully upgrade-able, if a port for some reason has worn out you can simply replace wihtout having to bin the whole thing.

Installing the FrontX:

1) Open the computer case. Remove a 5.25" drive bay cover. Install the FRONTX Casing into the drive bay and let all the cables pass into the computer chassis. Screw the FRONTX Casing tight.

2) Choose a "free" PCI/ISA opening and remove the cover plate. Let all the cables pass through the PCI/ISA opening. If you are installing Multimedia Ports or Headphone Port, screw the Speaker Socket onto the Metal Plate provided.

3) Screw the Metal Plate onto the PCI/ISA hole. The Metal Plate should be positioned below the cables, to allow the cables to pass through the narrow gap created by the Metal Plate.

4) Plug all the FRONTX Connectors into the relevant computer ports and push the access cables back into the computer case. If you are installing Multimedia Ports or Headphone Port, plug your existing speakers into the Speaker Socket. Close back your computer case. The installation is completed.