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Fortis and Fanner Heatsink Round Up.

Fortis and Fanner Heatsink Round Up

Fortis and Fanner Heatsink Round Up.

Fortis Fans Group Shot

Heatsinks from Fortis technology and Fanner Group [ Click here for Product URL ] were donated for testing. On initial impressions the Monster 90 lives up to its name.

Taisol 760

The Taisol 760 Heatsink below is the heatsink that has been cooling the XP2000 in the test machine for a while. As its an established heatsink i felt that this review would benifet from having the Taisol included. In the top picture there is another heatsink, however problems with the fitting clip ment that it will be excluded from this review.

Computer used for testing.
CPU Athlon XP2000 1.67Ghz

Motherboard DFI KT400
Memory 512mb PC2700
Graphics Card GF4 4200Ti 128mb
Case / PSU CM 201, 1 intake fan on, 350watt Psu.

Taisol 760

Taisol 760 Underside

Fortis A93 - Soldered Pure Copper - [Web Link]
This pure copper heatsink from Fortis has a simple design and thin copper fins in a green metal cage. The fan is of the 70mm variety and spins at 4000RPM producing 36CFM of aiflow and emitting 35dBA of noise. I would not class 35dBA as noisy or quiet, simply a toreable amount of noise. Thermal compound is provided with the heatsink.

Fortis A93

Fortis A93

Fortis A93 Up-Side Down

Fortis A93 Close-up

Fanner Group 5R265B1H3T - [Web Link]
The fanner heatsink is simple yet effective. It has the same thin fins as the Fortis A93 except there not copper and there also alot more dense. The fan guard is a nice touch and again thermal compound was provided.


Rated speed - 4800 RPM +/-10%
Rated power - 3.36 W
Noise level - 30.0 dBA
Air flow - 22.21CFM at 4800RPM

Fanner Group 5R265B1H3T

Fanner Group 5R265B1H3T Upside-Down

The 3 clip mechnism makes it easy to latch on to the socket and didnt seem to put excessive amounts of pressure on the chip.

Fanner Group 5R265B1H3T

Fortis Monster 90
While reviewing and buying hardware I have never come across such a "monster" of a heatsink. Picking the box up worried me slightly due to the weight. To reassure, Fortis have included a copper Shim to stop any CPU core damage. At first the mechanism was of great interest figuring out how to fit the heatsink, but after 5minutes its operation is better then the standard clip mechanism that most heatsinks have. The cooling is taken care of by a 90 x 90 x 25 fan producing 57CFM. The fan rotates at varying RPM's ensuring quiet operation.


Fan Speed : 2500 ~ 10% - 3500 ~10%
Airflow : 57CFM
Noise Leval : 23.7dBA - 37dBA

Fortis Monster 90

Fortis Monster 90 Side View

As the bottom part of the cooler is so thin I doubt any motherboard would have components that get in the way. Essentially the Moster 90 seems to be made up of three elements; a central core, an ORB type heatsink and an anodized alloy block around the silver ORB fins in which to dissipate more heat, and to allow the 90mm fan to be mounted.

Fortis Monster 90 Side View

Fortis Monster 90 Above View

The clip is the best designed I have ever seen and snuggly seats the CPU core exactly in the middle.

Fortis Monster 90 Upside-down


Benchmark Results

After letting the pc idle with some of the fans turned off, the No Load temperatures were observed. Running various benchmarks for several hours enabled the Load readings to be taken.
The ambient temperature of the case was reasonable high in order to observe how well the heatsinks would be able to cool.

Overall the Fortis Moster 90 was unbelievably good at cooling. The heatsink was reasonably quiet and yet managed to drop the CPU temperature considerably. I would defiantly recommend this heatsink.

The A90 was somewhat disappointing but cooled reasonably well and the Fanner.com heatsink cooled surprisingly well for such a small block.