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Fortis Fan Alam Device & Thermal Speed Control Device & Spreeze PC Vent II

Fortis Fan Alam Device, Thermal Speed Controller & Spreeze PC Vent II

Fortis Fan Alam Device & Thermal Speed Control Device
Spreeze PC Vent II

Links: Fortis | Fanner/Spreeze

This review covers ome useful accessories for cooling. The "Fan Alarm Device" from Fortis Technology is aimed to beep when a fan stops. The "Thermal Speed Control" again from Fortis Technology, provides a means of varying the fan speed with temperature, however this thermal device also has an alarm to alert the user on fan fail.

Fan Alarm:

The probe is thin enough to squeeze almost anywhere but I placed the sensor on my heat-sink. The third cooling aid is a "PC Vent II". This is a clever way to exhaust hot air out of the back of the PC without having to add more noisy fans or modify your case to accommodate them.

Fortis AlarmFortis Speed Controller

Specifications Specifications
Audio Alert 80dBA @ 2300Hz Fan RPM Speed 2700RPM - 6800RPM
Max Current 1A
IC Max Temp 110 Degree's C
Audio Alert 80dBA @ 2300Hz

The picture below shows the diode with the in line thermal and rpm sensors. The in-line sensors are neat and robust, a nice design being simple and effective.

What they look like


The PC Vent slots nicely into a spare ISA or PCI slot. The airflow isn't massive but it is noticeable and the fans are quiet.

Spreeze Cooler
Spreeze Cooler Installed

The devices all worked well. I find the fan alarm devices very useful as I have had a CPU fan fail on me before. The fan rpm adjuster with a thermal sensor is also useful especially to save noise as it will increase or decrease fan speed according to where the manual potentiometer is set, and what thermal diode is reading.

After playing with the settings I found the device would adjust the fan speed between 1300rpm and 3500rpm. I also stopped the fan with both devices to check the alarm gave an audible alert, which it did.