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Ricochet 2.52 Mouse Surface

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Ricochet 2.52 Mouse Surface

Ricochet 2.52 Mouse Surface from Everglide
Site: Everglide.co.uk
Date: Oct 2003
Price: £27.99 (or £49.99 in a set with other items.)

Ricochet 2.52 Mouse Surface

The mouse surface world has grown rapidly over the last few years, various pads in different shapes, sizes, and colours. All trying to tempt you from your current surface to the new sleeker surface, which will make your actions easier, and any game play movements faster.

In the mouse surface world there are a handful of surfaces you may have heard of:

Icemat, Steelpad, Ratzpad. Everglide have various surfaces and the newly released Ricochet is what will be looking at today.

The Ricochet is available in three styles, and can also be bought as a set with a Mouse Bungee, and Wrist Pad.


.  Magma
.  Lava
.  Ash

Firstly what is the current surface your using like? Is it one of the thin foam rubber ones, or maybe one of the very thin shiny ones that you bought as that was the only one available.

Mouse surfaces released by Everglide etc are predominately aimed at the gamer / heavy pc user.

Primarily because the average user just uses their pc for standard things or everyday use. They don't think or what to know about which surface can make their game play faster and more accurate.


.Surfaces: DUO-Precision
.Surface Dimensions: 290 x 230 mm
.Outer Dimensions: 300 x 240 x 2.5 mm
.Thickness: 2.52 mm
.Available Colors: Magma(Red),Lava (Black), or Ash (White)
.Non-slip Feet: 8 each side!

The Unit:

Ricochet Surface

Every surface is usually only comestically different this could be the shape or colour but often it is down to a difference in the surface of the pad. Some have a textured or smooth finish and can allow for the user to have a greater control and feel of the mouse across the surface.

Ricochet Thickness

This surface is so thin!! It measures just 2.52mm thick. It is made from a very thin and light plastic, which is quite pliable and allows for the occasional bending moment.

The box is a improvement on previous units some didn't come with a box and although this is just a box with the unit and a spec sheet included its still nice in my opinion to have a box encasing a mouse surface.

Everglide Ricochet

The key feature of the Ricochet 2.52 is that its reversible, on one side you have a coarse surface and on the other a smooth texture, so you essentially get two surfaces / different types of surface for your money.

Everglide Ricochet Surface


Well as you might appreciate reviewing a surface can be a bit hit & miss. As in my opinion it is down to personnal prefrence the two surfaces allow for a initial choice to be made and as with other surfaces from Everglide they are in comparison fairly similar.

With that short statement out of the way what do I think?, well I like the dual surface ability that it offers and when using the surface in games and for graphics the mouse was responsive and accurate. I would say that this had a slight edge over the current surface I use (the Cyborg surface).

The only reason for me thinking this was that the Cyborg surface can allow the mouse to occasionally 'stick' in testign the ricochet although its so thin it remained very good... and for those who are wondering i preferred the slightly corser side.

Thoughts: Well again its a good surface and ideal for gaming as well as everyday tasks. The two sides give it a twist compared to other surfaces as well as it remaining so thin! My only problem with this and other similar surfaces is the price, I cant justify over £25 for essentially a 2.52mm rectangle of plastic with two textured surfaces glued to it.

Nice package & surface, but cant justify the price.