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Everglide Attack Optical

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Everglide Attack Optical

Everglide Attack Optical
Price: £16.99
Site: www.everglide.co.uk for information
Uses: Provides extra traction for your optical mouse

Everglide Attack Optical

Everglide have been around for quite a while now and began by selling types of mats which were are made out of a hardened plastic resin with a cut out for your wrist. The main point of everglide mats / pads is the surface normal mouse mats are flat or made from a fabric which allows a loss of traction or grib to the mouse.

The original pads were produced with a rough / mini bump effect made from a normally back plastic resin, this attack optical is from the same mould and I mean the same!! it is the same as the attack pad.

The only difference is it has been cast in a clear resin with the main surface still frosted with mini bumps and incuded in the resin are flecks of 'glitter'

The glitter is supposedly supposed to offer extra support and usage to the common optical range of mice around.

The surface as hard to read red / gold logo which is on the surface so is likely to wear off ofter time. I used the attack pad for many months, which caused the logo to break up and a pattern of wear to be clearly visable across the middle of the pad... of course it could be argued that i should of used 'mouse skatez' but i'm not going to pay £7 for whatis essentially teflon tape!


Well as i've said its essentially the same product just in a different resin, however i used the surface with my MS Optical Wheel Mouse for a week to see if i noticed anyhting different........ included in this was of course a few sessions of gaming.

And the findings well as i kinda suspected when i saw it first it didnt make me notice any difference, it works well doesnt matter what speed etc your trying to use on it it will respond perfectly.

BUT! £16.99 for the pad + £1.99 P+P = £18.98 !!! That is very steep.

I do like the idea of everglide and icemat surfaces but the bug bear i have with everglide is the very high prices for what is essentially plastic ok it has a frosted surface etc but there is no way that the cost of this item was very high so if they are selling them for £16 the markup must be huge. Its true the icemat is around the same price, but that is made from glass which is my experience longer lasting and easier to clean.

A nice pad but the same as previous versions, pricey.