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Everglide Destrukt Pad (DKT)

Everglide Destrukt Pad (DKT)

Destrukt Pad (DKT)
Price: £19.98
Date: July 2003
Buy: @ Everglide.co.uk
Use: Large mouse surface oversized for gamers.

Everglide Destrukt Pad (DKT)

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The newest addition to the range of mouse surfaces available from everglide the suppliers of other mouse surfaces like the Attack and Cyborg pads as well as other products including the mouse bungee.

Everglide Destrukt Pad (DKT)Everglide Destrukt Pad Side-On

This product is a large rubberised mat it is about four times the size of a standard mouse mat. Its material is textured and on the reverse is a rubberised backing which amongst other things makes sure the mat doesn't move around your desk.

There isn't really a lot else to say about this looks wise it's a large mat with a non-slip rubberised backing. It arrived folded inside a large jiffy bag style packet.

This mat I feel will appeal to a small majority, as firstly you really need to have enough space to lay this out for correct usage. On my desk it took up the same amount of space that the desktop case of a PC did!
Gamers should like this mat as they can have a lot more freedom of movement especially if they were to use a cordless mouse to give a greater level of freedom.

Everglide Destrukt Pad ThicknessEverglide Destrukt Pad Thickness

The dimensions of the mat are 14" High, 17.5" Wide, 1/16" Deep.
The underside of the mat is a rubber base, which keeps the pad firmly secure and attached to the table or desk surface. Unlike the original mats this range are fully flexible.


To test this mat I used it alongside my usual MS Intellimouse Optical mouse to use during everyday usage for a few days, I didn't really notice much difference between this pad and the cyborg pad, which I normally use.
The surface of the pad is of soft flexible material but it does have a textured feel to it, which will be beneficial to users who use a ball mouse.

Everglide Destrukt Pad ThicknessEverglide Destrukt Pad Thickness

Using this mouse to play games can really help your control as it does (with my mouse anyway) seem to glide over the surface better than the cyborg or 'harder' surfaces. My first few attempts to aim were way out as this surface seemed to make my movements slightly quicker and as a result I wasn't expecting it to be that quick, so I assume I was expecting to compensate for the surface.

If you're a heavy gamer and you've got the space for this large pad then I think you should consider getting one as the extra space especially with a cordless mouse could be very beneficial for you when using it to move through maps quickly and in larger movements than a traditional surface.


I do like this surface but it doesn't have any advantage in my opinion over my current surface (everglide cyborg pad) if I had the room for this pad and was into gaming more I would most certainly use this as the increased size of this allows you as a user a wider area to move throughout your game play and maps.

Price wise @ 19.98 + delivery it is maybe slightly pricey, and I would prefer to see them for around the £12 - 15mark. A bog standard pad is likely to cost around £5/6 often foam ones break-up after prolonged and others wear heavily and make your surface look hold and heavily worn. This is a nice surface for everyday use but if you're a gamer and you have the space you should really look into these, as they should help to make your time more comfortable and easy to manoeuvre.

Looking at the site to confirm prices for this review I beleive the price increased from £16.99, also see site for details as it seems these are not avalaible to August 2003.

If you can fit this on your desk and your a gamer then this is for you, although many will deem it expensive.