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Everglide Cyborg Gaming Mat

Everglide Cyborg Gaming Mat

Everglide Cyborg Gaming Mat
Price: £12.99
Site: www.everglide.co.uk for information
Uses: Provides extra traction for your mouse

Everglide Cybord Mouse Mat

Everglide have been around for quite a while now and began by selling types of mats which were are made out of a hardened plastic resin with a cut out for your wrist. The main point of everglide mats / pads is the surface normal mouse mats are flat or made from a fabric which allows a loss of traction or grib to the mouse.

Thr original pads were produced with a rough / mini bump effect which worked very well, this new generation of gaming pads has been designed with a new surface made up of small row upon row of small raised circles.

Everglide Cybord Close-UpEverglide Cybord Surface Close-Up
Everglide Cybord Surface Close-UpEverglide Cybord Surface Close-Up

The dimensions of the mat are 8" width x 10.5" lench x 1/16" deep.
The underside of the mat is a rubber base which keepsthe pad firmly secure and attached to the table or desk surface. Unlike the original mats this range are fully flexable.

Everglide Cybord Surface Close-Up

You dont have to use this for only games it is designed to provide a enhanced surface as in gaming you will be moving the mouse in fast movments especially with games like Counterstrike etc. If you haven't used a pad similar to this before then the first few minutes you use it you do feel as if you have better control and movement and accuracy in our experience does improve slightly.

Now this could be all in the mind but itmakes no difference this mat provides a excellent surface to work on and is avaliable in many different 'skins' to compliment your prefrence.

A great looking mat, that performs well, only draw back is the price tag too expensive we think it should be around the £7-9 mark given the fact that standard mats rrp are sold around the £3-5 mark.