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Enermax Fan TC-8CAS-BL 4 LED Case Fan

Enermax Case Fan with 4 LEDs

Enermax Fan TC-8CAS-BL 4 LED Case Fan
Price: £14 Inc VAT
Date: Feb 2005
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Enermax Case Fan Front Of PackagingEnermax Case Fan Rear Of Packaging

Fans play an important part in keeping the CPU and other components temperatures at a useable level. Without them the components would become unstable and the prolonged exposure to higher than designed temperatures would result in a high failure rate. Fans come in various sizes and many colours to choose from, this 120mm x 120mm fan comes complete with a RMP controller and is blue with 4 built-in LEDs.


. Patented adjustable knob for fan speed
. Patented fan pedals for more air taking
. More airflow for better decrease of the temperature inside the system
. 4 LED lights with on/off switching
. 3Pin connector to M/B
. 3 to 4Pin connector included
. Special fan guard for easier installation
. Fan Dimension: 120x120x25 mm Fan Speed: 900~1700 ±20% rpm
. Bearing: Sleeve
. Max. Airflow: 66.2 CFM
. Voltage Rating: DC 12V Input Current: 0.38A
. Noise Level: 19.2~33.01dBA
. Connector: 4Pin (Power Input), 3Pin (Speed Detection)

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Enermax Case Fan Front Of Packaging

What you get in the pack:

Enermax Case Fan Contents

. 8cm Fan Unit
. Silver circular knob
. Bag containing knob assembly, 3-to-4pin adapter, and adhesive strip

The Unit:

As you can see from the pictures this fan is larger than the standard case fans.

Enermax Case Fan Comparison

The case surround is made from a dark blue plastic and the case fins have a clear / frosted appearance. Built-in to the surround are 4 blue LEDs which when powered give off a bright blue glow, the wires from the case fan.

Case fans are used to either draw cooler air from outside into the case or the opposite to expel the warm air to the outside of the case. Fans are rated by the amount of airflow (cfm). CFM stands for Cubic Feet per minute and the higher the number the more air which can be passed through by the unit.

A consequence of fans turning at great speed is the noise measure in decibels (dBA). Most fans will always produce a slight sound, this fan was good and the noise it did produce was not easily noticeable. My system had a fan aattached to the heatsink, psu fans and bridge coolers running and I could not tell any difference in noise with this fan installed.

Speed Adjuster Assemberly

A benefit of this fan with its adjustable controller which can be secured on the outside of the case means that you could have the fan on one third or half speed for general use. Then when running games or other intensive applications you could adjust the speed to a higher setting.


Fans are often one of the easiest items to install. The only additional part you need to watch out for is that the wire for the speed controller does not come into contact with other components especially other fans.

Once you have your location decided you can plug the fan directly into your motherboard or in via the 3-to-4pin adapter. Alternatively if you do not have any free connectors within reach you can use the supplied adapter to connect the fans 3-pin connector to use a standard Molex connector. Then if you haven't already done so you just need to place the speed controller somewhere secured is optional.

Illuminated Blue Case FanIlluminated Blue Case Fan Above View

Side View with power


I have not seen that many case fans with a speed controller built-in often to have that sort of control you need to wire them via a console that fits into your 5.25" bays. Often though these are just glorified dials with a LCD display to indicate internal temperatures.

The fan looks good and the blue colour does light up any system well. The fans are very powerful and can shift airflow whilst remaining quiet effortlessly. Price wise I think they are good value for money and would highly recommend them.

In future versions I would like to see the ability to alter the brightness of the LEDs purely so that all customers could alter them to meet their own preferences rather than the current one for all setting.