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Enermax External Enclosure Drive Caddy EB305C

Enermax External Casing to house an IDE or SATA drive and make a external and portable hard drive

Enermax External Enclosure Drive Caddy EB305C
Date: March 2006
Site: www.enermax.co.uk
Price: £25
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Enermax External Enclosure Drive Caddy EB305C



3.5" IDE and SATA HDD



Data Transfer Rate

480 Mb/sec

Case Material



Silver / Black

Power Source

External power adapter universal auto-switching

Support HDD


Power & Access indicator

Blue LED

Support OS

Windows 98SE/ME /2000 /XP
Mac OS 8.6 or higher

Dimension ( D x W x H )

225mm x 130mm x 35mm



. External 3.5" HDD box with USB 2.0 for easy plug & play between laptop and desktop
. Combo HDD interface suitable for both IDE & SATA HDD
. Durable aluminum for the strong structure and best heat dissipation
. Front panel quick-removal design and a built-in HDD mounting frame for easy assembly
. Aluminum vertical stand with rubber for saving space and keeping steady
. Power on/off switch in the rear for a convenient and safe using experience
. Enclosed 4 anti-slippery rubber foot to leave the enclosure flat
. Classic distinction with the stylish cover and blue LED indicator


The main reason for buying this enclosure has got to be that it's so easy to reuse an older hard drive or to install a shiny new large capacity version into the device. You can then use it for backups, storing data or temporary work. What ever your needs for additional storage it is here for a low cost especially if you revive a pre upgrade hard drive.

I already have an external hard drive and did spend some time deciding if to buy a version all ready installed or to buy them separately. In my case there wasn't much difference in price and I went for the pre-made version purely because I had a small amount of credit owed to me from an online store.

If you research the options as well I think you will find that there isn't much in it and you may prefer to do it yourself, especially if you have a drive in mind for the task.

Enermax External Enclosure Drive Caddy EB305C


Well the first thing you notice is the presentation / storage box for the caddy, I don't think any other maker out there has gone to the trouble of a custom designed box rather than the flimsy standard cardboard versions.

Enermax External Enclosure Drive Caddy EB305C BoxView with box lid liftedPower cables, usb data leads and screwsUnit lifted out of box with box with cables visable underneath it

With the lid lifted you can see the manual and underneath this the caddy on its side with the stand holding the plastic covering in place. If you lift this out from the box and remove the tray you will then find a small box at the bottom which contains the power supply, screws and cables.

Enermax External Enclosure Drive Caddy EB305C

The Unit

The casing is made from aluminum with a black external finish and silver internal. The Enermax logo is embossed on one side with Laureate on the other.

Enermax enclosure side viewEnermax enclosure rear viewEnclosure stand with rubberised strips

The only indicator on the front panel is the blue led which shows when the unit has power and pulses when the drive is being accessed.

On the rear you have the power switch with the din power connector and USB connection.

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Installing a hard drive into the caddy

Don't be put off if you think installing a drive will be difficult or time consuming, it takes under five minutes in total. The supplied user manual makes the process straight forward by giving clear instructions with referenced pictures.

Steps in brief

On one of the caddy's sides you have a small hole which when pressed firmly with the supplied tool allows the front panel to come away from the main body.

Removing fron cover of hard drive enclosure

Slide out the two sides to the caddy, and slide off the Enermax panel which is the top cover of the drive.

Hard drive enclosure with sides removedView with top cover partly removed

Slide your drive into place and take care when connecting the power and data leads. You can use either Serial ATA (SATA) or IDE drives with this caddy.

Enermax caddy with cover removed

Once connected secure the drive into place with the supplied screws.

View with drive placed inside enclosure

Slide the top cover and sides back into place, and the front cover back onto the caddy casing.

Enclosure with drive connected to power and data board

And that's it, now you just need to connect the power and USB cables to the caddy and your computer.

View with hard drive just showing inside enclosure

If you've installed a new drive and running Windows 2000/XP then the drive should be installed automatically and be visible under My Computer, if the drive has previously been used or is not showing you will need to use FDISK if on Windows 9*, and if on Windows 2000+ simply use the disk management options found via control panel > admin tools > comp management, or by right clicking on My Computer and choose manage.

From here you can see the connected drives including the current drive, typically your main drive will be disk 0 or 1. You should be able to identify the drive by comparing the capacity, if not the easiest thing to do is turn off the Enermax caddy wait for the pc to notice the changes then turn it back on.

If you need to format the drive simply right click and follow the prompts then once finished right click and assign a drive letter. A few moments later and the drive will be visible and ready for use.

Picture of detailed enermax manual

Don't worry too much about the above full instructions and screenshots are included within the supplied manual for both Windows and Mac users, it is really straight forward to do. The whole process from installing to using shouldn't take longer than 10-15 minutes.


Highly Reccomended - Well what else can I say it's a stylish looking casing which allows for IDE and SATA drives to be connected to a USB 2.0 interface so that you can expand your disk space and make fast and easy backups. USB 2.0 we all know is quick and although the speed is unavoidably reduced due to the ATA interface speed this is more than fast enough.

For example I copied a 4.7GB data file from my PC to the external drive and it took just a couple of minutes. Ideal for backing up your audio, video and email files alongside anything else you may want to keep.

The only slight cosmetic downside which may not bother you is that the unit in black showed any dust or fingerprints easily and in constant use could result in the unit looking a little worse for wear.