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EasyDisk - 32MB MiniDisk

EasyDisk USB Memory Stick

EasyDisk - 32MB MiniDisk
Price: £23 for 32MB version
Site: Easydisk [link removed as found to be dead]
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Uses: Allows you to access email from any USB/Net based PC and store files easily and quickly

Some of the colours avaliable

The majority of you by now must of seen the many reviews around of USB memory sticks.
Well this is another one of those reviews, but this one differs as it comes with added inbuilt features to help save you time and make using the device easier.

EasyDisk in packagingEasyDisk in packaging Rear View

What you get in the box:

1x Unit
1x mini driver cdr
1x neck strap
1x USB extension lead 3"

Content of PackagingContent of Packaging

Some of the colours avaliable

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32MB Other sizes: 16/64MB/128MB available


IBM PC or Compatible PC or Notebook with USB interface

Operating System:

Windows 98Second Edition, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Mac OS 9.0 or higher, and Linux 2.4X


Only Windows 98SE needs the EasyDisk driver.

Power Supply:

No external power supply, USB power supply (4.5V to 5.5V)

USB Host Interface:

Universal Serial Bus 1.0/1.1 (USB 1.0/1.1)

Operating current:


Suspend current:


Data retention:

Over 10 years

LED Indicator Light:

Slow Green Flashing: Connected and standby

Fast Green Flashing: Reading or writing data

Reading speed:


Writing speed:


Operating temp.

-40 degrees Celsius to +70 degrees Celsius

Storage temp.

-50 degrees Celsius to +85 degrees Celsius

Relative Humidity Under Operation

10% to 90%

Relative Humidity Under Storage

5% to 95%


LxWxH: 65mm x 17mm x 9mm


9g approximate

EMI Compliance

FCC (Class B), CE

Flashmail Email Program

Flashmail is an easy way to check for email for people on the move. You simply need to run the program and if it is your first time it will ask for some security details to be set, then you just follow the prompts and you can import account settings including address books from Outlook or define other mail settings.

The interface is clear and easy to use and allows you to store your emails on the unit itself. This has many advantages especially for students or people on the move who can access the email from any online PC.

I tested Flash mail for several days to access and send email and it did make life a lot easier. It is very simple to use and you don't notice any slowness or downsides in sending emails from the device. It is also very useful to have your inbox within easy reach.

I know students at university etc who would benefit a lot from this as they rarely use the same PC and even if they did get settings set-up one reboot later would result in losing the information. With this they could simply connect it to the machine and straight away access and manage their email before just pulling it out until next time. Very quick and easy.

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PCLOCK Software

By using the Pclock.exe file you can set-up security settings such as rather than using a windows lock pc function why not use this to lock your PC until you connect the easy disk. This would be useful if you wanted to leave your PC / Laptop on in the office whilst you went to lunch etc. Upon your return you just need to insert the disk for the lock to disappear.

From this menu you can set-up the device to be bootable. This device allows for the system not to boot unless the drive is present this is a good feature and will appeal to some, but I would always advise this to be used alongside the other security measures rather than just relying on one system.


This disk comes with a zip folder. This allows you once you have installed the software for files sent to that folder to be automatically zipped and compressed. This obviously saves you having to manually zip the file and then copy it to the device.

If you have already zipped files then the device and software will not try to attempt to compress them further. It will only zip uncompressed files that are copied to that directory.

Secure disk (secret)

Another folder on the unit is the 'secret' folder. This folder uses the same software as used with the zip folder as mentioned above. And is similar in that any files / folders that are copied into 'secret' will also be compressed but you will also be prompted for an encryption and compression password. To view or send files to that folder you will be greeted by the password prompt this again helps to make the device secure.

Included with the unit is a small 34 page manual which is well written and easy to follow covering the complete operation of the unit although you are likely to either not need it or just glance at it whilst you set-up the device to your preference.

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I used the disk for a couple of weeks in addition to using my other usb disk which was a cheap non branded device from a computer fair some time ago. I used the device on several machines and found the Flash mail software very beneficial, I would defiantly use that function a lot but with a larger capacity drive say 128mb so that I would have additional room for files as well as emails.

Drive Connected to a USB Hub

The disk is very small and sometimes I did consider putting it on a key ring so that I wouldn't loose it. It comes with a neck strap and a ring I would most likely put it on a key ring, the using is very small land thing and has a curved casing, weight would be a problem as chances are one of your keys weighs more than this unit.

Although usb disks are currently still using the USB 1.1 standard they are still plenty fast enough for every day usage and for storing files and folders. The unit is still fast enough to allow for avi's / mpegs to be played directly from the drive without any disruption.

The truth is if you need more than 128mb of storage then you should look elsewhere for a USB 2.0 / firewire device maybe connected to a tradional hard drive.

This drive was fast and allowed for quick transfers of files to or from the PC. The added features included in this device give this an advantage over its rivals.

SiSoftware Software Sandra Benchmark:

EasyDisk Benchmark

A very good result, higher than the Linksys and other drives that have been shown before on the site.

For £23 the price is very similar to other brands who offer a 32MB drive without any extras For your money you get a fast device, cd, neck strap, and extension lead plus the additional programs included already on the disk ready for use.

Great product very affordable when compared to other brands also includes additional features.