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DVD Rental Companies how they work

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Online DVD Rental Companies

We all know the benefits of DVD, and more people than ever are using online rental stores. Online you can pick a list of films and have them sent to you, once you have watched it return it in the provided envelope and the next title will be sent to you.

No more standing around looking for the title
No need to rush around to ensure the disk arrives back on time.
If you don't get time to watch the film, you don't need to return it without watching it.
At nearly £4 a rental. don't pay over the odds any more

DVDs on shelfDVDs on shelf

Of course this doesn't come for free, although you can test the services by using a trial offer. All retailers charge a monthly fee and this typically varies depending on how many titles you wish to have on loan at any onetime. The prices I have seen range from £7-14 a month, which is affordable if you end up paying £4 per rental and pay this at least twice a month.


Amazon Free DVD Rental offer, why not test out the service they offer and watch the films you missed at the cinema in the comfort of your own home.

- LoveFilm handles rental services for well known TV and Media companies, the service has always been fast and always with titles top of my list sent.


Just like the local rental shops who offer 2 for 1 deal on older titles or introductory offers. So do the online versions, usually the trial is limited to two weeks or a month depending on the promotion and allows you ample time to try the service on offer and watch a number of films for free.