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Autosafe secure your valuables in your vehicle

Site: www.autosafe.co.uk
Price: £169 inc VAT at time of review
Date: Nov 2003
Uses: Provides a lockable unit to secure to the boot of your vehicle, helps keep laptops and items secure. Ideal for sales reps and engineers etc.

Before you think 'Who would pay £200 for a box!!'
Well. the answer is many people have and will continue to buy this product because of the practical and security benefits it offers.

Car Theft is a ongoing problem in todays world, usually thiefs are after small but high value items such as Phones, Radio's CD/Mini Disc etc the term 'Smash and Grab' is a widely used term.

According to this source [ BBC NEWS July 02 ] Total crime for 2002 was over 5.5million. Car and Vehicle crime was: 'Theft from a vehicle: 655,127 (4%). Of course it is important to fit alarms,immboilisers, locks etc and keep items out of view with the aim of detering thiefs but this below product offers a way for you to secure items to your vehicle to help avoid smash and grab thefts.


Heavy gauge steel construction
Full length steel hinge
Strong locking mechanism
Anti drill lock
Unique steel rope attaching
No tools or expertise required to fit
Full foam lining to protect contents
Anti slip Velcro fixings
Rugged paint finish

As you may know Car Crime is as active as ever. You should of course ensure that you keep any items out of sight and if your CD / Radio comes with removable faceplates that you use them along with any alarm / immobiliser systems, including any lock devices. You can not protect your vehicle fully but with some basic steps you can try to minimise the chance of a breakin, or if they do decide to pick on your car anything that can delay thiefs is a good thing as most of the incidents are 'smash and grab'

The autosafafe can help you to protect your valuables, by locking them in a secure box, thiefs are not going to be able to open it up and take the contents while the clock in a short space of time, they would rather take small phones and radios which have value and are easy to carry and remove.

Autosafe is avalaible in three versions: *

* Now also avalaible the V40 Model - see site for details.



External dimensions

· 452mm (17.8inches) Width

· 342mm (13.5inches) Deep

· 166.5mm(6.6inches) High

· 400mm(15.7inches) wide

· 342mm(13.5inches) deep

· 100mm(3.9inches) high

Maximum size of contents

· 405mm(15.9inches) wide

· 315mm(12.4inches) deep

· 150mm(5.9inches) high

· 339mm(13.4inches) wide

· 301mm(11.8inches) deep

· 70mm(2.8inches) high


· 6.65Kg

· 5.23Kg

This is a heavy but well built unit with dimensions that allow you to store items such as your laptop, tools or papers etc. The main buyers of this product in my opinion are likely to be: Sales Reps, Engineers, and IT Staff. These are just a few people that most likely spend many hours on the road and carry laptops and tools etc with them.

Of course there is no reason for this to be limited, if you work in a office were several people work on a laptop how many lock away the actual laptop at night? If a break-in happened the laptop is a easy item to pickup and take. Of course its not just the value of the machine which is likely to be anything from £400-£2000 the actual data that you have put on is likely to be worth much more to any company.

The unit we looked at was the V25

First impressions of the unit, looks good with its black paint job. The unit is all black it has a slightly recessed autosafe logo on the front and has many fixing points located around the sides of the unit.

The handle is spring loaded and if your not careful can catch you out, the handle is well made and is incorporated very well into the unit.

The hinge of the unit is well finished and is well secured I couldn't see any gaps or spaces where a tool could be placed to try and force the unit open.
The Tubular key lock is well made and provides no movement at all, it sits flush against the casing although the face is slightly raised. Also I'm told anti-drill which is good to know that it can take a lot of punishment.

Inside the unit is a foam lining on both the bottom floor of the interior and on the roof of the lid of the unit. This obviously provides some protection for objects that are put inside the unit.

To secure this to the inside of your car you will need to use a bracket of some sort which the majority of cars have built in, this may include seatbelt anchor points or spare wheel brackets etc.

The unit comes with a metre of steel rope which has a stenghed sphere module at each end, the rope itself comes covered in a clear PVC coating.

To install the unit first find a point where you can loop the steel rope through, then secure the velco pads provided to the desired location in your vehicle and to the underside of the autosafe.

Once the unit location has been chosen you can use the product insert items you want protecting such as laptops, tools, phone etc and ensure the rope that is looped is linked back to the unit and has access to a groove then close the lid ensuring the cable remains secure then once closed use the key to lock the unit.

Of course you can use the autosafe without a vehicle you could use it as a normal safe however the weight of the product is likely to make it most effective when used as its primary function using it with your vehicle.


After using this product for a few weeks i really do like it, yes it is just a stell box secured to your vehicle but it offers piece of mind. It could pay for itself if your vehicle gets broken into and a laptop full of confidential data or engineers equipment / tools were prevented from being stolen.

The price tag is likely to make this only affordable for businesses who employ engineers or sales reps but the product is definatly well designed and manufactured. If i was to buy one for myself I would be likely to go for the smaller version as my current situation would be best suited to it.
The options are there now are different sizes to help deter primarily vehicle theft.

Unique product, plenty of benificial applications.

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