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MP3 and Audio Players, from USB Flash drives to Hard drive players

Portable Audio Player MP3 Player Information

How the audio world has evolved in recent years. The mobile phone has taken over from dedicated portable audio devices which came down in price from the previous dizzy expensive heights. Many homes and offices now use Alexa and other wireless speakers or devices to interact and listen to music which is likely using wifi or caan be used on the phone.

As devices developed phones became more reliable, faster, and larger memory it was possible to do more than one thing on the device.
We take for granted now the boom in Podcasts, and online services. Which allows us to listern, or watch on our devices whilst we doing other things at the same time.

MP3 Players or portable devices were a big deal. They blew peoples minds that hundreds of albums not just songs, could fit on a single device. No need to burn CDs, and hit the limit of 80minutes or less audio. Back in the day MP3 Players were used just about everywhere, they were great no need to carry a few CDs instead carry hundreds or more of your favourite music which fits easily into your hand, or connect to your car, but yes navigating and touch was not quite there yet...

Apple IPod IPod PhotoIPod Shuffle

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Portable Audio player market used to be dominated by the Apple iPod, and Creative Zen Range but now there are a huge variety of players, shapes and sizes. There is still a small market for the players, where people want to run, gym, etc without risking your mobile phone.

Capacities typical ranged back in (2008) from 1GB-16GB for Flash memory based, to 200GB for hard disk based products.

The average MP3 file was around 4MB, so it is easy to see the attraction of having your favourite tracks available and actually portable, and to create play lists of your favourite music or soundtracks. Oh how we forget what a pain adding tracks and moving things arounnd was, and how improved battery and displays have come.

Cheaper USB sticks based systems started at a few pounds £10+. But were really not great, hard drive based devices used to cost around £100+ with an average starting point of IPods at £130.

iriver fp-899Creative Zen Creative MUVO TX


Early devices also allowed you to play back basic video clips, others also allow you to play films and movie trailers. However this would be on the tiny tiny screens, this was way before HD and 4K.
Now people download whole Series of TV or films to take on holiday or the commute with them, at far higher quality than before.

I would still reccomend a cheaper device if you run or exercise alot and dont want to risk your pricey phone from damage, but of course if you want to use a fitness app, you might be best to invest in a pouch and great case instead.

Way back many people seemed to find their first MP3 player was too small or feature limiting so you should check how much stuff are you actually going to want? 2GB is plenty for most unless you wish to use it to carry documents/pdfs or to store and play video files.

Wow 2GB it was crazy wth early memory devices SD and similar 16,32,64MB etc not GB, now most phones in 2018 have 64-128GB with some Samsungs now trying to be top with 1TB of storage.

How I wish I had kept the numerous devices I had, as the branded versions would be worth a pretty penny now, as they are a tech antique.

Download MP3 Music or Video Clips and Trailers From: