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AcoustiPackT Deluxe

AcoustiPackT Deluxe Sound damping material

AcoustiPackT Deluxe
Price: £39
Site: QuietPC
Buy: QuietPC
Use: Reduces noise by damping sound and vibration.

AcoustiPackT Deluxe

Now then before you think £40 for a few bits of foam!!! Well yes and no, firstly this is the Deluxe version that we reviewed a standard version is available for around £20.

Obviously this product will appeal to a certain kind of user it is highly unlikely that the average home user will think about this product this is defiantly more for the enthusiast user.


First here's a quote from the QuietPC site, which explains clearly some noise information:


The noise from your computer can be broadly classified into two types - mid-to-high frequency "airborne" noise from items such as fans and hard drives, and lower frequency "structure-borne" noise originating from the same devices, but amplified by the case. Most acoustic matting materials are not effective because they only address one of the two types of noise. Our products are effective because they provide a solution to both airborne and structure-borne noise, effectively absorbing higher frequencies, and reducing case amplification effects.

What you get In the Deluxe Pack:

2 x Acoustic Composite sheets - 12.5mm thickness (2.5mm Acoustic Barrier Mass and 10mm Acoustic Foam)
2 x Acoustic Barrier Mass sheets - 2.5mm thickness
1 x Acoustic Foam sheet featuring the AcoustiContourT anechoic surface
2 x 5¼ inch drive bay Acoustic Foam blocks
1 x 3½ inch drive bay Acoustic Foam block


Dimensions of each Mat: 495 x 395 mm
Weight of Pack (8-piece) 4.6KG
Provides a effective surface area (ex blocks) of 10,655 cm²

As you can see from the above this kit contains a set of 5 large self-adhesive sheets of 3 different types of acoustic materials, providing maximum possible sound suppression. The dimensions of each 'Mat' are 495 x 395 mm these are larger enough to fit even large towers and some server cases.

AcoustiPackT Deluxe Contents

AcoustiPackT Deluxe Contents

I have to admit I haven't done a great deal of overclocking or that I'm that 'picky' about how noisy my system is, this is most likely because it doesn't make that much noise anyway with all the fans going it makes a noticeable but not annoying humming noise.

I have thought about system noise a bit lately as I would like to have a small system for use downstairs just for being able to access emails etc wirelessly connected to the broadband connection.

I don't really know what to say it is foam! But it is specially designed and made from tried and tested materials, which I assume, are similar to the type of thing that is used in recording studios etc.

AcoustiPackT Deluxe 5.25 Block Fitted

Installing the product is fairly straight forward the blocks provided for any spare 5¼ or 3½ drives are very simple to install simply insert them into the empty drive bays they can fit depending on your case without remove the blanking plates but with the plates removed it allows for a quicker and easier installation.

For installing the sheets etc you will need to take a bit more time, as you will need to measure and cut down the sheets to the required size. Installation will depend on your case if you have room to install a small section on the remove or floor of the case along with the sides etc.

You should receive detailed instructions with the pack itself instructions are also available online at the QuietPC website.

Once installed you can then power up and see if you can hear the difference.

On the initial 'test' run along with the normal cpu fan, I had 3 additional case fans installed one at the front, one at the rear and one installed in the side of the case.
It is very hard to try and get across the difference just the blocks made in the system. With the case I had there isn't much room to use the padding sheeting so i was unable to fit this in, also the bottom of the case has fixings so there isn't even room for it there.

If you are short on space you could resort to using small pieces on the backs of 5.25" blanking plates etc.

To test the newly installed foam further I then swapped my heatsink for a Volcano 7, which is known to be a noisy fan, I then replaced the sides of the case and rebooted.

I have to admit I was impressed as before when I used that heatsink in a similar system the noise was very bad and it didn't take me long before I changed it for another heatsink and fan. This time the noise was just audible and no vibration noise at all, it makes an immediate difference and does its job very well any noise or vibrations are minimised by the insulating material.

A concern I did have about having amounts of foam inside a system was would the system temperature increase and build-up inside the case. I currently don't have a digital thermometer to aid with these tests, I will now look at sourcing one.

I however think that heat would only be a problem if you had no or a small amount of cooling devices to help move any heat build up through your case.

AcoustiPackT Deluxe Promo Shot


Well it is a load of foam and i have to admit i did have reservations about the point of using this product in the beginning, however i would highly recomend this product to the overclocker / cooler and for lighter system users maybe the standard pack as this foam 'kills' noise. Its definatly worth the £40 and works a treat.

Its surprising how much quieter the system is without the previously unnoticed vibrations and the humming of the fans this really does dampen sound very well.


Makes your system quieter
Plenty of foam to equip even the largest server case
Doesnt hinder tempertures a great deal
Value for £ / $


Price could put some people off
Need to make sure you want to fix matting, removing could leave residue.

Rating: - Well designed and practical product, very noticable difference with product installed.