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ACE CAD Acecat Flair USB Graphics tablet

AceCad Acecat Flair reviewed

AceCAD Acecat Flair USB graphics tablet
Price: £39.95 at time of review
Requirements: PC with USB Win9*/2K/XP Mac OS 8.51- 9.1
Site: www.acecad.com.tw for information
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Uses: Enables you to draw, write, and design easily

Graphics tablets have for a while now remained the 'I'd really like one of those...' but you could never justify paying so much for a unit that might not get a lot of use. Now you can tablets have now become more affordable for the home user.


For the price of £40 which is the same as a new PC or console game you can open yourself and your mind to adding more creative functions, or just useful benefits such as inserting your signature onto a email or find that artist or doodler inside yourself with this product.


The tablet itself measures 20CM across by 19CM, the pen holder is 5CM x 7CM, and the Pen itself is 15CM in length.

The Tablet: has a slightly weighty feel to it but is not a bad point it is a one piece unit which is well well made and has rubberized 'feet' to reduce any slipping on the desk. You get just over 1 Metre of cable which in my personal opinion could be longer but of course extension leads are cheaply available. The tablet comes with a transparent lift able area which allows you to insert drawings and then trace over the images easily.

The pen holder: is a separate unit from the tablet which depending on the user could be either a benefit or a drawback. Contained with-in the pen holder is a small storage area which holds some spare tips for the pen and is roomy enough to hold a spare battery it is easily accessible by sliding the cover.

The Pen: I do like this pen it is the most easiest and normal pen like i have ever used the buttons are easily accessible and depending how you hold the unit you can use your thumb or finger quickly and easily. There are 512 different pressure levels with the pen which allow you to easily define lines or shading levels. It is worth noting that the pen is only useable at one end the pointy end, to erase with this you need to use the rocker switch which isn't a knock but is worth remembering.

The thing i don't like about it is having to add a AAA battery to the inside of the shaft to use the pen. I would of preferred a all in one unit, but this is perfect for the more occasional user as a battery is said to last several months with light use.



Cheap and cheerful would be a good initial guide, but it is fully functional and allows you to customized to your specs, the drivers and layout is simply but this enables the beginner to confidently navigate around. Included in the pack is Art Dabbler which is a painting program which is owned by Corel, this software is and slightly more interactive version of MS Paint but is perfect for younger users to be interactive and create without having to clean up the walls and floors afterwards.



I have used a few tablets in my time all be it a few years ago and this is a bargain when you think about the normal costs of tablets, for under £40 you can add nice touches such as signatures on emails and letters. It is simple to use and is ideal for the occasional or beginner user. Great value for money.


I'm fairly new to the graphics tablet enviroment. Although I have used Wacom products, which in my experience are excellent products. Due to demand and to have a 'rival' i was keen to see how the Ace Cat Flair faired, simply for those of you not wanting / needing alot of tablet use £40 will buy you this which is perfectly good for all uses.

Firstly the packaging, thw Wacoms noramlly come incased in moulded plastic, the Ace Cat comes in a smaller plastic enclosure and a sturdy box complete with illustrations of the product and its art dabbler software.