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Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro Wireless ANC Earbuds Review

ANC Earbuds with custom settings Liberty Air 2 Pro is top of the price point

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro Wireless Earbuds with ANC
Price: $129/£129 at time of writing
Date: Jan 2021
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Anker has started the new year with a bang by releasing the latest version of their popular Soundcore Air range of earbuds. The new product is Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro Wireless Earbuds which come with ANC Noise Cancelling, sleeker unit design and some impressive run and performance times.

The price of these is $129 or for UK £129.99 although if are known to Anker or Soundcore and time it right I have seen discounts so these can show for under £100, and these will promo again. If you are quick you could get in on their launch discount.

The launch date of the Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro Wireless Earbuds was 12th Jan 2021.

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The Liberty Air 2 Pro Earbuds are available in colours Titanium White, Sapphire Blue, Onyx Black and Crystal Pink.

The unit:

The quoted use times are 7 hours of battery life with ANC off, 6 hours with it on. And you can recharge the buds with the case so if that is fully charged you should get 26 hours with ANC off and 21 on. So around 3-4 full charges of the buds which is very impressive for the small factor of the unit and comes with 6 mics so perfect for calls and voice pickup.

The Liberty Air 2 Pro units, have been endorsed by 10 Grammy-winning artists, and looks a significant leap forward for the Liberty series in terms of both sound quality and function.The hybrid active noise cancellation and multi-mode transparency features are a USP and this allows listeners to filter background noises in or out as they please, for a full sound experience.

Sound quality has been improved with PureNote driver technology built in to offer clear and accurate sound at all frequencies to provide an unrivalled audio experience for its price bracket, this is crazy sound tech for around $100/£100.

Different sound modes within the Bluetooth-enabled earbuds’ noise cancelling technology, including ‘Transport’ mode (which can block out low frequency noises such as those heard while travelling or commuting) and ‘Indoor’ mode, which focuses on reducing mid-range frequencies to help quieten background voices in inside environments while listening.

This was perfect for those times where one of you is watching TV and you just want to watch something else you can immerse yourself in your media even if the film or show is at a fair volume.

Transparency mode works to enhance outdoor sounds so perfect for runners or cyclists whilst still allowing a reduction in background noise and still allowing awareness of surroundings whilst on the streets or transport routes.

Question: Can you use the earbuds on two devices at the same time?

Answer: No as with most items I have come across you can’t it makes sense as it is paired/linked to one and managing or switching would be problematic.

Question: What is the IP rating of these earbuds?

Answer: These are IPX4 Water-resistant

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What comes in the box:

Well a very cool box, no tape to mess around with and rip that sweet looking box here. Simply a side flap magnetic box which reveals the ear buds and the charger case within a plastic cover, then underneath you have 16 bud ends, and a USB-C charging cable.

  • Pair of Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro Earbuds
  • USB-C Cable
  • Charging Case
  • 16 bud ends

  • The case:

    As with other products this is wireless charging or USB-C it provides good protection and allows for easy use or placing of charging on the two pins. These always make me think of the Bose Buds for sleep which are different and smaller as they can’t stream or playback other than pre-loaded loop white noise loaded clips.
    On the rear of the box is a small button to the right of the charigng port this allows you connect to the buds and app or reset the connections.

    The Soundcore App is very easy to use and I have used in lightly before with my other Anker products and it does keep getting better. With user specific custom settings so you can set the bass and levels how you want for the specific modes and a great experience.


    The case can be charged by USB-C connection or via a Qi wireless charging.


    Short answer 9/10 - As below I am a big fan and found it hard to see the high prices of Apple and others buds when ANC was not included or the features seemed a little light. But with these the tide is changing and the tech is here so you can have a custom and high audio experience without paying over the ~150 mark. No wonder Bose and others are worried and these newcomers mean they find it harder to target their high price points.

    I am a big fan on of my MPow cheap ANC over ear headphones but these are obviously much smaller and do a great job and are very impressive.

    Earbuds are as popular as ever and look to be fully taking over from the headphones, headphones seem to be used more for home or office especially with more of us working from home for longer periods.

    I know many people try to use their earbuds for long meetings and when working from home, but I prefer knowing exactly the connection or charge level, and that no other devices could be turned on and paired whilst I am on a call. So I prefer to keep over ear or headset type headphones for working from home and work. And earbuds or others for other devices, or walking the dog, gym, running and travelling.

    I am an Anker fan and have used an Anker/Soundcore speaker phone for months and find it perfect for working from home for those longer meetings where you need to be at your desk. Or just take it with you for a conference call on the move the speakers and playback and noise isolation of background is great.

    The Soundcore USP and major benefit is you can customise settings, hearing tests, bass, modes and features from the app and regular updates are easily installed to fix any bugs.

    Investing in a pair of these or other devices with similar features will not be a bad choice, and you can try them before deciding if they are for you. It is a nice touch to just use out of the box, or customise your presets and experience for a better level and sound depending on where you are going to be using them.

    These are the first earbuds from Anker/Soundcore to feature active noise-cancelling ANC, and made their debut as part of CES 2021.

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