Project your computer, meetings, training or gaming or video

project with ease with portable and high quality projectors

Projectors make displaying meetings and presentations a breeze for work with prices now cheaper than ever and some projectors are so small they can sit in the palm of your hand. Nearly all are HD some lower resolutions are still around however.

Or perhaps you are looking for a projector for home use from you Laptop or PC, or from your media server or perhaps your game console for when screens are too small and you have a perfectly good wall to project to.

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ACER MWIHD1 Wireless HD Projector Kit

Provide wirelessly connectivity to your Acer Projector with the MWIHD1 Wireless HD Projector Kit.To transmit media from your PC, tablet or laptop, simply plug the receiver into your projector and the transmitter into a HDMI or MHL port on the computer to get started. It supports Full HD videos and images, so you don't need to compromise picture quality to work wirelessly. It's compact too, so you can easily carry it around in a laptop bag.

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ACER C205 Short Throw Portable Projector

Top features: - A pocket-sized projector you can take anywhere - Long-lasting lamp provides up to 30,000 hours of life - Built-in battery for cable-free viewing and two hours of play - Quality stereo speakers brings footage to life Pocket-sized projector The Acer C205 Short Throw Portable Projector is a small pocket-sized projector you can take anywhere - so that you can project films or photo slideshows wherever you are. Weighing just 302 grams you can put it in your bag or backpack and you'll barely notice it's there. Long-lasting lamp With a long-lasting 30,000 hour lamp life, the Acer C205 is built to last. Throughout its life the bulb maintains a consistent display performance with no drop in picture quality over time. Built-in battery Enjoy watching videos and scrolling through photos on the move thanks to a built-in battery that offers up to 2 two hours of battery life - long enough for a movie or presentation. Quality stereo speakers The C205 Projector is able to play great quality sound so that you can enjoy movies and video clips without having to rely on external speakers.Don't forget your accessoriesGet your Portable Projector set up in no time with a tripod from our accessories range, which is perfect for ensuring your projector is supported and sturdy throughout the film. And when you're screening outside, a power bank is ideal for staying powered up

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ACER H6517ST Short Throw Home Cinema Projector

Top features:- Get a home cinema experience in Full HD picture quality- Enjoy your projector in limited space thanks to a short throw lens- Plug in a games console via a HDMI cable for big screen gaming- Dust shield protects the lens for a clearer pictureHome cinemaThanks to its high-definition resolution and 3500 lumens, the Acer H6517ST Short Throw Full HD Home Cinema Projector delivers beautifully clear and bright images to the big screen. With Colour Boost technology you can enjoy entertainment at home with full 3D support for video sources.Watch even where space is limitedEnjoy the added flexibility in choosing where to place your projector - even with limited space. The short-throw lens gives you a large projection image even when positioned close to the screen or wall.Play games on a bigger screenThe H6517ST is perfect for gaming - connect game consoles and computers via HDMI. The H6517ST is the complete home entertainment projector, with added portability that gives it an advantage over other home cinema models.Dust prevention for a clearer pictureProtect the projector's lens from airborne dust and keep the picture clear, thanks to the H6517ST's four guard dust shield.Don't forget your accessoriesGet the most out of your Home Cinema Projector with our range of projector screens, so that you don't have to worry about finding a blank wall large enough for the image

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ACER Predator Z650 Gaming Short Throw Projector

Top features: - Rich, immersive colour with a Full HD resolution - Project up to 300” with a short throw option for smaller spaces - Wireless sound with a range of connectivity Rich, immersive colour Enjoy a truly unique gaming experience that makes you feel as if you're really within the game with Acer's Predator Z650 Short Throw Full HD Gaming Projector. Experience every detail in all your favourite games with a Full HD 1080p resolution and 20,000:1 contrast ratio. See every game exactly as the developer intended with an expanded colour gamut that offers 100% sRGB coverage. Project up to 300” Able to project up to a 300” screen, the Predator is perfect for creating screens for huge spaces. But if you want to use the Z650 in a smaller space, the short throw option lets you project a display up to 100” with a distance of just 1.5 metres. Creating the perfect image for every game, the Predator Z650 has modes that enhance your visibility depending on different in-game environments - analysing content in real-time to improve contrast and colour. Easily create a custom splash screen so that you're greeted by your greatest moment every time you boot up the Z650

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